Irrigation Design Services

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To plan an effective, efficient lawn sprinkler system, Cloudburst Lawn Sprinklers has extensive education and years of experience to draw upon - the keys to effective water management, while maintaining your beautiful turf and landscaping. A certified design specialist will meet with you to uncover your needs taking into account soil composition, terrain elevation, exposure and aquatic requirements. Your water supply is tested to determine flow rate and provisions are made for pressure fluctuations. You will receive a detailed design plan and proposal outlining where each zone and sprinkler head will be placed. The combined experience and knowledge of both the design team and construction manager throughout the planning process ensures that your system will be designed to achieve maximum efficiency.


Your Cloudburst professionally designed system will include:

  • A carefully planned state of the art CAD design system for commercial jobs, or residential drawing incorporating: System design capacity (Maximum flow and pressure), code-required back flow prevention device, manufacturer recommended sprinkler valve and pipe size layout.
  • Effective and efficient operation including: Head-to-Head coverage 100%, matched precipitation nozzles, separate zones for spray and rotor heads, optimum operating pressure, recommendations to suit your soil and plant type.
  • Instructions on the operation of: Your automatic controller, adjusting your sprinkler and operating system "run times" to suit seasonal changes.
  • Exceptional warranty: Included with your installation is a 100% parts and labor 5 year warranty provided by Cloudburst when combined with a service contract purchased each year.